Welcome to Torch Tech Supplies

Welcome to Torch Tech Supplies

A passionate company for a growing market.

Over a period of years, Torch Tech has undergone a multitude of changes. Torch Tech supplies aim is to become Africa’s number one reseller of replacement plasma consumables directly to end-users. The company began operating with two employees, conducting business through telephone sales. They then opened a small distribution facility and a sales office to sell plasma consumables and torches, directly into the African market.

Since those early and humble beginnings, TorchTech supplies has evolved into a major force in providing plasma torches and consumables through multiple sales channels supported by The Thermacut® Group.

The Thermacut® Group has focused its efforts in providing high quality direct replacement consumable and torch product lines, that will meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers.  As their customer base expanded, their expectations and demands also increased. They expanded their product portfolio which enabled them to supply consumables for 14 different manufactures.

 At TorchTech Supplies we invite you to join our family. We grow with the customers we serve.

For more than 20 years we at TorchTech have experienced the following:

*Torches are upgraded frequently to keep your consumable business.

*Contracts are introduced after warranty periods have expired, in order to keep your consumable business.Therefore giving you no option to fair trade.

*”Torch for life” contracts are introduced, where they will replace or maintain torches “free”, but operator error voids these guarantees.Most of the time they will point the fault at operator error.

*Torch contracts are introduced for as long as 3 years, which will tie your business up for long durations.

*Agents will refuse to repair your machines, if you use other suppliers or spares.This is a BULLY tactic which makes you feel you have no choice.Throughout all our years in trade not one OEM agent has ever been able ,or is willing to put their findings in black and white for their users.

Our BIGGEST competition in the market has started competing against us with replacement parts for other plasma manufactures EXCEPT for their own brand.Conveniently they have purchased a company that manufactures replacement consumables for all other OEM brands. They claim that their replacement parts are of higher standard than the OEM parts of other manufactures  ….This raises the question…

Do we have original spares in our market?

We manufacture replacement parts in the Czech Republic, with the main goal to improve on lifetime and quality of consumables.


Interested in what we have to offer?

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